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If you encounter problems please call 210-293-6252.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Login system upgrade

If the feature they are talking about is where it will remember our password as well, that is all turned off as a severe security hazard. I was wondering if the website its self was going to have a place to check to remember the User ID only.
They are correct about this being a security hazard.  The plan was to leave all settings the same and just require that an email be provided instead of a username.  Even if we were to try and tell the system to remember the email address, there are a number of ways that those settings can be overridden by the users computer.  If the IT department has already disallowed the saving of usernames and passwords, then there is also a chance that they could flush out any settings that we try to store for the user.
So how is that going to work for me since I handle two different agencies, but I only have the one email address.
For users who need the ability to navigate between 2 or more agencies, they will be able to do some from their user profile page.  
This is the same screen that they currently use to change their password, update their email, or correct the spelling of their name.
All they will have to do is go to the profile, use the Agency select box, pick the agency they want to be attached to, then hit update.
The changes are effective immediately and they do not need to log out.
Can you check to see if it will have the feature of saving our username so we don’t have to type in every time?? Our email is really long and I get it wrong more times than not…
The first time around, the system will not remember their credentials, but after they type it in, it will offer to remember them again (comes from the browser if its turned on).

Login System Upgrade


1.    What’s new

a.     Users will now use their email to login instead of usernames.  There were some minor visual changes to the login screen to make the change more obvious.


b.    User can click on the “Key” icon at the top of any module to get to the “Profile” page. For users that use the same email address but have different usernames, they will now have the ability to use 1 email address and switch between all associated agencies.  Those users that are associated with more than one agency will have a select box to pick the agency they want to be a part of.







2.    What’s Fixed

a.     The last screen of the password reset has been updated to reduce confusion.

                                          i.     Click the “Click here to reset your password”



                                        ii.     Enter their email address in the blank and click “Reset”



                                      iii.     Follow the link in the email


                                      iv.     Enter the same email address and a new password, click “Update”


                                        v.     System Redirects the user to the login screen with directions to use their new password




3.    What errors will we face?

a.     The number 1 error will be that users have forgotten their password.  With the login upgrade, the browser will be unable to remember what was previously saved.

                                                    i.     Resolution:

1.    They can use the updated password reset screens to get their password changed.

2.    They can contact MHI’s designated login migration phone number at 210-293-6252, any one they speak to will be able to locate the user by their name and update their password for them.


b.    Users who try to reset their password but have their email address used on 2 or more active user accounts will be unable to reset using the standard reset system.

                                                    i.     Resolution:

1.    They will have to contact the support line and determine if they are using an email more than once because they switched agencies or if they have a specific need.






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