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MHI services retail agents in Texas, Georgia, and Alabama through three underwriting branch offices in Texas (San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas), and one underwriting branch office in Georgia (Atlanta). MHI's Specialty Division services agents in all three states and consists of three departments: Workers Compensation, Excess and Umbrella, and Transportation. All accounting, claims, policy processing, premium financing and technology-related functions are handled in San Antonio.

San Antonio Branch - Serving San Antonio, South, East and West Texas, and New Mexico
Houston Branch - Serving Houston and East Texas
Dallas Branch - Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, North Texas and East Texas
Atlanta Branch - Serving Georgia and Alabama
Worker's Compensation Division - Serving Texas
Excess and Umbrella Division - Nationwide
Transportation Division - Serving Texas
Long Haul Trucking Division - Serving Texas
Brokerage Division - Serving Texas
Energy Division
Premium Financing through Crown Capital Services

Home Office:
    Home Office Underwriting and Processing
    Quality Control & Compliance